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Members receive exclusive benefits such as members-only opt-in directory, discussion board for real-time communication with other members, members-only networking events, career center, periodic newsletter, outside counsel directory and reviews, as well as educational resources to get and stay up-to-speed on emerging and relevant topics in the industry.

As a network of in-house legal professionals in the renewable energy industry, we are keenly aware of the elation and heartache that routinely surrounds your practice. RenewablesGC offers a community of members who can provide a sounding board, access to educational resources, and up-to-date news to make sure your career is less volatile than government regulation.

Currently, RenewablesGC membership costs $1,100 per year for general counsel, chief legal officers, and heads of legal. Membership for deputy GCs costs $800 per year, and the finance/consulting tier costs $300 per year.

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